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Closed For the Season -- David Siegelman -- Old City Philadelphia

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All added photos to "Featured Photos of the Week" below with hyperlinks have been archived.
I encourage all to check them out - - Dave

 9/24/2019 --Added a Renommée Lighthouse to "Featured Photos".

5/29/2018 --Added a couple of new location areas to Dave's Whereabouts Page  

8/2/2016 --Added Dave's Whereabouts Page

4/12/2016 --Added Phil the Duck Slideshow

3/06/2016 --Added Evil Clowns to "Featured Photos"
I know it's been a while since my last update. What can I say, I've been busy

6/22/2015 -- Added Phil the Duck and Scarecrow to "Featured Photos"

8/08/2014 -- Improved "Where is Phil Page". Now users can see complete history

6/05/2014 -- Added Presque Isle Breakwater Light to "Featured Photos"

6/03/2014 -- Now you can follow / connect with Dave on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Maven, MySpace and Twitter
Check out the bottom of the "About Dave" page

4/20/2013 -- CFS Mobile Website - CLICK HERE

11/05/2012 -- Added Dungeon Provincial Park and Cape Pine Lighthouse to "Featured Photos"

10/30/2012 - New page to Track Phil The Duck with Google Maps

9/01//2012 -- Please checkout my "Brigus Point Light" on a 100% Cotton T-Shirt. - - See Link Below

Brigus Point Lighthouse T Shirt - Cafe Press (T-Shirt No Longer Available)
Brigus Point Lighthouse -- Cafe Press T Shirt -- Closed For the Season -- David Siegelman

8/30/2012 -- Please tell Dave you LIKE  "Dave the Lighthouse Enthusiast - On Facebook

8/27/2012 --Some of my work with be going up at the Gryphon Cafe in Wayne PA from:
September 2nd to October 6th.
Please see website below and if you're in the neighborhood, please stop by and take a "looksie".
See link:

7/15//2012 -- Added Fountain and City Hall, Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, Absecon Lighthouse and
Phil On The Deleware Deleware to "Featured Photos"

4/1/2012 - - Added Docks, Beach Entrance, Sandy Hook Lighthouse, Blooming Flowers and Water Works to "Featured Photos".

Also . . . . Your can catch some of Dave's work, this month (April, 2012) at
Mugshots Coffeehouse located at 2100 Fairmont Ave. Philadelphia PA
See Link: Click Me  for more information about this event

10/26/2011 - - Added East Point Lighthouse, Cape May Lighthouse and Pennington Train Station to "Featured Photos". >

 5/18/2011 - - Added Assateague Lighthouse to "Featured Photos".

12/27/2010 - - Added two new sections to site. "Phil The Duck" and "About Phil".   Please check them out
when you get a chance and let me know your feedback.

12/12/2010 - - Dave's Photo "Memory Tree" Can Be Viewed at Dirty Frank's Tavern "Off the Wall Gallery".
Part of the Deja Vu Exhibit
Address: 347 South 13th Street, Phaladelphia PA

10/20/2010 - - Added Memory Tree and Row of Trees to "Featured Photos".

11/02/2010 - - Two of Dave's photos will be on the auction block on November 14th. Proceeds going to Sunshine Arts Organization. <<Click Here For More Info>>.. Also, more pics to come soon.

1/19/2010 - - Added Cat At Your Door and Skulls to "Featured Photos".

 8/22/2009 - - Added  Admiral's Point (Fort Point) Lighthouse, Mother and Daughter 2,
Three Smiles and Powles Head Lighthouse to "Featured Photos".

7/05/2009 - - Dave will be speaking at the Philadelphia Photographic Society Meeting on August 18th.
at The Plastic Club located at 247 S. Camac Street, Philadelphia PA. Guests Welcome.
HERE to view meeting poster.

 6/29/2009 - - Dave is the featured artist on the Philadelphia Photographic Society's Gallery

 6/20/2009 - - Added Fingerspan Bridge and Toucan Bird to "Featured Photos"
Finally broke down and create a Flickr account. Check it out by clicking  HERE.

 6/05/2009 - - My photos will be displayed on 7/3 at "Cafe Estelle" .
Cafe Estelle is located at 444 North 4th Street between. Callowhill and Spring Garden.

Click here to view flyer  >> FLYER <<
Also - Added Philadelphia Slideshow2 to Around Philadelphia Section

6/03/2009 - - Added Turkey Point Lighthouse and George Washington Bridge to "Featured Photos"

 2/26/2009 - - Dave's Photos can be seen in City Hall of Philadelphia along with other members of the
Photographic Society of Philadelphia. Please click HERE  for more information.

12/09/2008 - - Added Swings and Police Lineup to "Featured Photos"

10/28/2008 - - Added Cape Spear Lighthouse (Old) and Cape Spear Lighthouse (New)
to "Featured Potos"

10/18/2008 - - A New site we're working on called PHILLYWHO.COM . We feel too many people
out there think that Philadelphians ( Philians as I like to call us ) are just a bunch of CheeseSteak
Eaters ( Cheesers is the term I like to use ) who are so out of touch of what real city life is. We
want put a change to that. "Philly has Flare" and this site is being designed around any visit to
Philadelphia and fullfilling it regardless of how long one has to spend here. We want to show the common
individual that "the longer they stay, the less they want to leave". Restaurants, pubs, shopping, scenary,
parks, etc . . You get the picture. If you would like to contribue your ideas and comments regarding
PHILLYWHO.COM, please click HERE .

 9/30/2008 - - Added South Jersey Pier and Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse to "Featured Potos"

 9/06/2008 - - You can now view 7 of my pieces at 1601 Cafe located at 1601 South 10th Street
(at the corner of 10th and Tasker - - Philadelphia PA )

 8/29/2008 - - Added Chinese New Year and Fancy Mannequin to "Featured Photos"

 8/21/2008 - - Added Lighthouse Slideshow2 to Lighthouse Section. Also: Slideshows are now Firefox compatible

 8/19/2008 - - Added Brigus Point Lighthouse and Kings's Cove Lighthouse to "Featured Photos".

7/06/2008 - - Added Ferryland Lighthouse and Bell Island Lighthouse to "Featured Photos".

 6/29/2008 - - Added Iceberg, Bull Head Lighthouse and Cape Bonavista Lighthouse to "Featured Photos".

 4/30/2008 - - Added Monkey Business and Lady Mummer to "Featured Photos".

 4/25/2008 - - My Photography - - Philadelphia's First Friday at Margot & Camille - Month of May 2008

 4/14/2008 - - Added Resting Puffin and South Manitou Island Light to "Featured Photos".

  2/15/2008 - - Added Beach at Punta Celarain and Family of Statues to "Featured Photos".

  1/28/2008 - - Added Eagle Harbor Light and Grand Marais Rear Range Light to "Featured Photos".

 1/05/2008 - - Added Baby and Dad and Baby and Dad 2 ( Both from New Years Day Parade 2008) to "Featured Photos".

 11/05/2007 - - Added Marquette Light and Predio Ealetita Light to "Featured Photos".

 10/13/2007 - - Added El Farro to "Featured Photos".

 8/12/2007 - - Added Keweenaw Waterway Lower Entry Light to "Featured Photos".

 7/3/2007 - - Added Little Girl In Car and Grand Marais Front Range Light to "Featured Photos".

 4/17/2007 - - Added Blackwell Island Light to "Featured Photos".

3/30/2007 - - Added Little Red Lighthouse and Portland Head Light to "Featured Photos".

3/9/2007 - - Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse to "Featured Photos".

2/9/2007 - - Added Mother and Daughter (from 2007 Philadelphia New Years Day Parade) to "Featured Photo".

2/1/2007 - - Added Sisters (from the 2007 Philadelphia New Years Day Parade) to "Featured Photos".

1/24/2007 - - Added Celarain Point Lighthouse and Big Bay Point Lighthouse to "Featured Photos".

11/20/2006 - - Added Philadelphia Slideshow to Around Philadelphia Section.

  9/20/2006 - - Added Jacobsville Light to "Featured Photos".

  9/18/2006 - - Added Lighthouse Slideshow   to Lighthouse Section and Lake Superior Beach to
  to "Featured Photos".

  9/14/2006 - - Added Au Sable Light and Au Sable Light - - Part Two , Copper Harbor Light and  Sunset  to
  "Featured Photos"

 8/5/2006 - - Added Pyramid Slide and Man With Big Hand to "Featured Photos" .

7/24/2006 - - Added Baby and Mom and Ghost House to "Featured Photos" .
I know, I know, it's been almost 2 years since my last photo update. What can I say. I've been busy.

12/24/2004 - - Added Fountain Man and Love to "Featured Photos".

11/12/2004 - - Added Karaoke Night, Resting Dog and West Philly Fountain to "Featured Photosk".

9/1/2004 - - Added Docked Boats, Girl With Jump Rope and Pez Of Six to "Featured Photos of the Week".

6/29/2004 - - Added Diningroom Mirror, Man With Horn, and North Philadelphia Church to"Featured Photos of the Week".

5/18/2004 - - Added Cool Cat, Headshots and Mulholland Light to "Featured Photos".

4/10/2004 - - Added Happy Dog and Paddy's Head Light to "Featured Photos".

4/01/2004 - - Added Train Platform and All Aboard to "Featured Photos" .

3/24/2004 - - Added Marshall Point Light, Machias Seal Island Light, Pigeons and Barnegat Light to
"Featured Photos".

3/06/2004 - - Added Chalk Drawing, East Point Lighthouse and Happy Young Girl to "Featured Photos ".

2/27/2004 - - Added new link to book excerpt.
Added Fountain 2 to "Featured Photos"

2/17/2004 - - Added St. Augustine Church and Christ Church to
"Featured Photos"

2/04/2004 - -
Added City Hall and Sad Dog to "Featured Photos"

- -
Added "Featured Photos" to main page,
Frankfort North Breakwater Light,
Parade View, Roller Coaster, Hallgrimskirkja Church, Little Princess, Muskegon Light, and Pubnico Light

12/6/2003 - - Added in extra pics
Lighthouses - Big Sable Light
Out of Town - Model Train Station, Nolsoy Island Scenic View
Around Philadelphia - Dog on Bed

10/31/2003 - - Happy Halloween - - Added in extra pics
Lighthouses - Watchhill Light, Fresnel Lens, Owl's Head and Tucker's Island Light
Out of Town - Boat Scene and Red Mill
Around Philadelphia - Empty Classroon, Liberty Bell, Eyes of a Dog and Another Dog On Leash

10/12/2003 - - Added Famous Statues in the extra pic section of
Around Philadelphia

9/13/2003 - - Added some new pictures in the "extra pic" sections:
Lighthouse Extra - Long Eddy Light
Out of Town Extras - Roadtrip Bunny, Boy at Beach, Bridge over Water and Red Mill Around Philadelphia Extras - Dog on Leash, Shepherd of the Park, Three Silly Faces

8/2/2003 - - Finally, after many months of hard work, my website is finally finished and ready to be presented. With many more planned changes to come, I invite those to tell me what they think and what I can do to improve this site.

6/??/2003 - - "Rebel Capitol Designs" is created. I never thought in my entire life that I would one day be an entrepreneur. Though my dad started his own business at around 27 years of age, before starting a family, I somehow thought that this gene might have skipped a generation. I guess I thought wrong. After "911" struck, I knew things weren't going to be the same (at least for a while anyway). Unfortunetly it wasn't until March of 2003 that reality hit me and I was laid off from my position as a Computer Programmer. That position paid my food and rent for 8 long years. I had to find another source of income fast or I would've had to leave Philadelphia for a while until I was able to get back on my feet again. Luckily, I met an individual in the same situation, and after a short discussion, we decided that what we had to offer the community could be marketable if presented in the right way. Vist our site by clicking on the link above and take a tour of Philadelphia's new "Radically Adaptive Media" company.