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     I grew up near the Brunswick Drive-In in North Brunswick N.J., which has been torn down for almost 30 years now. In the winter time, the marquee would be changed to read "Closed For The Season". When I got older, I had a crazy idea this would be a great title for a book. Maybe even a movie. I am presently writing a book called "Closed For the Season " about a family, trying to get over the death of a loved one, dealing with the obstacles of every day life, while at the same time trying to hold on to their memories of what once was. A family made up of a brother and sister, their father, and the mother of his deceased wife. This title best describes how I view life and the problems that occur around it. "Closed" refers to our pasts, and how we must learn to move forward and keep living our lives. "Season" refers to the nuturing of our hearts and minds in that we must also learn to open up and occasionally look back upon our yesteryears and all of the fond memories which make them up, because these memories are part of the framework of who we are as individuals, and they help direct us toward our futures.
      I've been living in the Old City district of Philadelphia for about 22 years (25 years in Philly total). Presently I work as an Application Engineer for the Xylem Corporation. On my spare time I enjoy photography, backpacking, hiking, cycling, doing yoga, relaxing in a local coffee house either reading or writing in my journal, dining out, and visiting lighthouses and coastal areas.
     My dream is to one day become a photojournalist, move to a coastal village in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with a house right off the beach and a lighthouse nearby, retire and live the rest of my days looking out at the ocean and listening to the waves come in.

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