222 Race Street Apt. #8 • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

Highly qualified software engineer and recent graduate of the Fox School of Business at Temple University with a Master’s of Science in Information Technology, Auditing and Cyber Security. Unwavering perseverance in achieving product quality and customer satisfaction. Superior communications skills, proficiently interacting at all organizational levels, including executives, management, clients, vendors and operational staff.

Languages /Tools
AJAX, AngularJS, COBOL, Crystal Reports, CSS, DOS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JCL, JQuery, JSON, PERL, Python, Ruby on Rails, XML, VBA, XML, XSLT
Databases DB2, IDMS, MS Access, NoSQL, MySQL, SQL 7.0, MongoDB
Apache Tomcat, Eclipse, NetBeans, Excel, WordPress
Cyber Tools
Burp Suite, Kali Linux, Metasploit, Splunk, Tableau, VMWare, Wireshark, Zenmap


REBEL CAPITOL DESIGNS – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 2003 – Present – Senior Technical Lead
Co-founded a graphic design and multimedia firm in order to help small businesses within the metropolitan area
reach customers on the internet, in newspapers and magazines
• Created multiple websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PERL, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails (with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Apache Tomcat Server).
• Assisted clients in developing advertising strategies using both print and digital media.
• Photographed client work sites using traditional and digital formats for web development use.
• Maintained high level of client satisfaction and corporate integrity by monitoring the development process.
• Using MS SQL, Access, Excel and VBA, wrote several stored procedures, functions and macros to help with automation processes.
• Held instructional software classes in Excel, Access, MS SQL, MySQL, PHP, Python, HTML, XML, AJAX, AngularJS, NoSQL, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Dreamweaver with Apache with Tomcat Server and Photoshop.

TEK SYSTEMS at Jefferson Hospital – Philadelphia PA
February 2018 – Present – Deployment Technician
Worked with network engineers to make data more easily obtainable during system transition.
• Deploying PCs in support of Thomas Jefferson’s EPIC Go Live system
• Worked with technicians and end users to verify proper connections and security access.
• Maintianed multiple installations at various locations around the Philadelphia Area

PRINCETON INFORMATION at ETS – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 2016 – January 2017 – XML Conversion Analyst
Provided services in the areas of IT process transformation, application development and desktop support. Responsible for fielding and resolving customer issues as well as for developing and maintaining complex software systems.
• Converted PowerPoint content into complex XML for analysis and execution
• Wrote a group of shell scripts to automate processes to check for errors in documents
• Drafted JavaScript to implement scoring rules for analysis
• Consulted with colleagues daily to discuss possible problems/issues and developed resolutions around them<

July 2014 – August 2014 – Instructor/Mentor
Instructed 20 high schools students on creating website for major university
• Conduct HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP and JavaScript classes
• Took part in weekly seminars and outings to local web developments business in the Philadelphia area
• Write weekly lesson plans and consulted with other instructors on a weekly basis

JACQUETTE CONSULTING, INC at Philabundance, – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 2013– November 2013 – Data Analyst
Provided services as an Data Analyst for a large non-profit specializing in feeding individuals facing hunger
• Wrote programs using VBA to scrub data within MS Excel spreadsheets before uploading to SQL database
• Wrote analytical reports in MS Excel using pivot tables off loaded from a SQL database to show metrics
• Created scheduled DOS batch jobs to FTP data from a client’s off site database
• Wrote stored procedures and queries in SQL which performed data conversion, cleansing and validation

TEK SYSTEMS at Comcast – Mount Laurel, New Jersey
May 2011 – July 2011 Software Engineer
Worked with network engineers to make data more easily obtainable during system transition.
• Wrote and updated code written in JavaScript, PHP, CSS, SOAP and XSLT.
• Re-configured data using MS SQL and XML in order to pass needed information between legacy and
new systems
• Wrote and updated MySQL (on a Linux/Apache Tomcat Server) queries and stored procedures where applicable.
• Modified WSDL whenever necessary.
• Was involved with database changes whenever reconfiguring was necessary.

GLOBALFIT – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 2008 – September - 2008 Web Programmer/Analyst
Employed by popular health and fitness broker providing consumers access to affordable health clubs and benefits.
• Supported online data entry system using languages including PHP, VB .NET and JavaScript coupled with an SQL database.
• Attended weekly consumer team meetings to discuss application issues, enhancement possibilities, and project distribution.

RESOURCES FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 2006 – June 2008 – DBA / Business Analyst
Worked for a large non-profit organization that provided services to individuals with developmental delays, mental illness, drug and alcohol addictions, as well as homeless persons.
• Created and maintained Excel and Crystal Reports for offsite users to help them better monitor their consumers’ progress and billing history and show analytical metrics
• Wrote several SQL store procedures, macros, functions and queries to better assist users with their data extraction selections and automate any necessary repetitive tasks
• Helped maintain data integrity by assisting users with applications and closely monitoring a MS SQL database for problems and issues.
• Created a group of applications in PHP (on a Linux/Apache Tomcat Server) in order for users to monitor designated data.
• Taught classes in Microsoft Access and Excel to qualified employees of the organization.

July 2005 – March 2006 – Programmer / Web Analyst
Recruited by a world leading health system offering services to doctors, nurses, and technicians. Helped make data quickly available to doctors and nurses in turn making it easier with their critical care management.
• Supported Medical Information System using ASP, VB .Net, XML, XSLT and SQL.
• Contributed support to critical nighttime jobs and applications.
• Developed an application which constructed Word Document through XML / XSLT and user entry data
• Created/Supported Intern/Fellowship website using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
• Created an interactive death certificate using Adobe Acrobat Professional.
• Created an application which analyzes survey data provided by the University Hospital residents and fellows using SQL, VBA and Excel along with associated stored procedures, queries and macros.

COMPUTER AID at Rohm and Haas – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 1995 – March 2003 – Computer Programmer / Analyst
Provided services in the areas of IT process transformation, application development and support, and desktop support. Responsible for fielding and resolving customer issues as well as for developing and maintaining complex software systems.
• Reconstructed DB2 Historical Invoice/Order system, reconfiguring and rebuilding maps and tables.
• Wrote analytical MS Excel reports using SQL queries, stored procedures and functions to present metrics to users and management
• Displayed dedication and loyalty by responding to off-hours support calls, working throughout nights or weekends to ensure business operations could be completed in a timely manner.
• Tasked to support CICS/DB2 system having no documentation; through detailed analysis and research, designed and developed comprehensive reference library for ongoing support and maintenance.
• Created several applications using JavaScript, JSP, and SQL in order for programmers to monitor scheduled job flow.


SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September - 2004 – June 2005, January 2009 – June 2015 – Teacher
Taught classes at the Elementary, Junior and Senior High School levels when regular teachers are unavailable. Wrote weekly lesson plans, attended weekly teacher meetings, and also led parent/teacher conferences as required.


Master of Science, Information Technology Auditing and Cyber Security
       Data Analytics for IT Auditors
           Project: Use of Tableau to analyze data and make predictions and identify possible anomalies
       Intro to Ethical Hacking
           Project: Use of Cross Site Scripting, HTML code and SQL injections to find and expose weaknesses on test server
       Advanced Penetration Testing
           Project: Use of Aircrack, Kismet and Burpsuite for use with application analysis on test networks
       Intrusion Detection & Response
           Project: Use of Splunk and Wireshark identify anomalies and develop a course of action

DPT CONSULTING GROUP INC. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2002
Certificate of Completion in Application Servers and J2EE Enterprise Web Development

CHUBB INSTITUTE – Jersey City, New Jersey 1995
Diploma in Computer Programming

KEAN COLLEGE – Union, New Jersey 1992
Bachelor of Social Work

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